Kimberly Ann's Tea Room   

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In 1994, I fulfilled my dream by purchasing

this old time property. I bought it knowing that it

was not the original house, because the original house

burnt down before the eighties. I decided to name it

after my granddaughter Kimberly, whom I was

raising. Little did I know that one day I would

 be the proud owner of a Tea

Room. I started out with a small boutique, moved onto a boutique and ice cream

parlor. One day my son said to me,"Mom, your food is so good, why don't

you serve food as well?" I wasn't sure that is what I really wanted to do, but

I tried it anyways. During this time,  dear friend of mine asked me if I could

host a tea party event for her and her friends. I enjoyed it so much that I decided

this was the career for me. It is so rewarding to see how I give such happiness to

my customers and this is what has motivated me to be where I am today.




                                 -Mae Collins-